Airways in India

Air transport services for personal and commercial use are together called Civil Aviation. India today has 11 international airports including 28 passenger terrĂĽnals. The Airports Authority of India controls and manages Indian space extending beyond the territorial limits of the country.
The Government has however ended the monopoly of both public sector undertaking—the Air India and Indian Airlines. The Air Corporation Act of 1953 now stands repealed. At present 38 companies are holding non-taxi operators permit. Two private scheduled airlines are also operating besides the national carrier Air India as well as Indian Airlines. The Indian Airlines provides air services for passenger, cargo and mail on the internal air network in the country and seven neighboring countries. It has in its fleet 11 airlines, 27 Boeing and five F-27 air crafts. It has its headquarters at Delhi. During the year 1992- 93, the total number of passengers carried by the Indian Airlines was 8 million.

Air India provides international air service. It carries air traffic to 88 countries. It has its headquarters at Mumbai. Vayudoot provides air service to inaccessible areas. Pawan Hans Helicopters LTD. has been providing services to ONGC, etc.